MP-01 ModIO Pendant

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Description - The ModIO MP-01 Pendant is designed to make the man-machine interface safer, easier and is compatible with the popular Mach3 CNC control software or any Modbus controller interface. The MP-01 Pendant incorporates the following features;

  • 100ppr Manual Pulse Generator (MPG)
  • 8 position Axis selector Switch
  • 4 position step scale selector.
  • Feed rate override control
  • Cycle Start push Button
  • Cycle Hold Push Button
  • Axis Reference Push Button
  • Spindle On/Off Push Button
  • Enable Push Buttons
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • LED Status Indicator

The MP-01 Pendant contains a ModIO core processor that provides the control and monitoring functions in addition to providing reliable and robust communication via a full duplex (4 wire) RS-485 Modbus interface. The pendant is designed for use in industrial CNC environments. It is solid in construction and designed to withstand normal industrial shop use. It also contains 3 strong magnets in the base for mounting to steel surfaces. The Pendant is also comes with the MA-02 breakout board for easy connection to your CNC system.

MACH3 Pendant Features

Jogging -When used in conjunction with Mach3, the pendant provides Velocity mode and Multi-Step jogging. The multi-Step jogging provides accurate distance movement of the selected axis and has 3 selectable jog increments. In velocity mode, the pendant provides a smooth axis movement where the speed of movement is determined by how quickly the MPG is turned. The pendant caters for 6 axes, selectable via a rotary switch.

Referencing - A referencing push-button is provided to allow for axis referencing. Once an axis is jogged to the reference position, pushing the 'SET' and left enable button simultaneously results in that axis being referenced. It is necessary to press both the 'SET' and left hand enable button so as to avoid inadvertently referencing the axis.

Feed Rate Override - The feed rate override allows adjustment of the feed rate from 5% to 300% with the upper limit being configurable via the Mach3 plug-in.

Spindle Control - A push button is provided to start and stop the spindle

Cycle Start, Cycle Hold - Cycle start and Cycle hold push buttons are provided to control the machine and to aid efficient tool changing.

Enable Buttons - Left and Right enable buttons are provided. The pendant may be configured to optionally require the buttons to be pressed when using the pendant controls. Note: some actions such as referencing, the enable button use is mandatory.

Axis Selector Switch - The switch caters for 6 axes and also includes an Off position to allow for other forms of jogging.

Jog Increment Switch - This switch selects the increment size and also selects the jogging mode.

Emergency Stop Switch - The pendant includes an Emergency stop switch with the switch contacts being accessible via connectors on the breakout board. Additionally the pendant notifies Mach3 that the switch has been activated.


  • General
    • Voltage 15Vdc-26Vdc
    • Current 200mA Max
    • Interface Modbus RTU
    • Comms RS-485 Full Duplex @ 115Kb or 57.6KB**
    • Cable 15 feet +/- 2ft Curly Cord
  • Environmental
    • Temperature
      • Working 0 to +60 C
      • Storage -30 to +80 C
    • Humidity 50% to 85% RH (working temp)
    • Sealed Splash proof to Nema 6
    • Drop 3 Feet on all six surfaces

Breakout Board - The MA-02 breakout board is supplied with the pendant and provides an on-board RS232- RS485 converter with additional connectors to interface additional Modbus devices. There are pluggable connectors for power, EStop switch connection and additional Modbus devices.

MP-01 Pendant Users Guide 0.1
MP-01 Pendant Quick Start Guide 0.1

MA-02 Breakout Board Layout V2

MP-01 Pendant Mach3 PlugIn 0.9A


Unit is supplied with;

  • 1 x MA-02 Pendant Breakout board
  • 4 x Mounting stand-offs

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  • Model: MP-01
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5kgs

MP-01 ModIO Pendant

MP-01 ModIO Pendant

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