DC-02 DigiSpeed XL

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The DigiSpeed-XL DC motor controller is designed to allow computer CNC programs such as Mach2, TurboCNC and other CNC programs to control the spindle speed of CNC machines such as Mills and Lathes.

DigiSpeed-XL is designed primarily for use with KB Electronics style DC motor controllers, such as the KBIC-120. This is the type of controller found in the Sherline Mills and Lathes. DigiSpeed-XL will work with other types of DC motor controllers such as those found in the Asian imported mini lathes and Mills.

 The DigiSpeed-XL is also well suited for use with VFDs and other motor speed controllers which accept a 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc speed control voltage. 

DigiSpeed-XL is designed to replace the manual speed setting potentiometer found in these controllers. The DigiSpeed-XL contains a potentiometer on board to still allow for manual speed control when desired

 The form factor of the DigiSpeed-XLÔ PCB has been designed for easy installation. Due to its compact size, it can also be installed unobtrusively into many of the existing speed controller enclosures.

*** WARNING ***
The KB Electronics style DC speed controller circuit, other similar speed controllers as found in Asian imported mini lathes and mini mills and some VFDs are at mains voltage potential. This voltage is lethal. Do not attempt to to connect the DigiSpeed if you are not qualified to do so. Confidence is no replacement for qualification! If you feel that this project is beyond your abilities to SAFELY complete, We can install the unit for you. Please contact us for details .

It is suitable for use with VFDs such as the Automation Direct GS2 series, as well as other controllers requiring a 0-10Vdc, 0-5Vdc or any voltage up to a 15Vdc control voltage. The DigiSpeed-DC-02 provides the following features:

  • Small PCB footprint 80mm(L) x 54mm(W)Four 4mm mounting holes
  • 5V dc 50mA power requirements.
  • Opto-isolation between the computer logic Voltages and the DC Speed controller voltages.
  • Maximum DC Speed controller voltage for the control supply of 24Vdc
  • Greater than 1000 steps from 0 to Max Speed.
  • Four methods to control motor speed.
    • PWM - A low frequency PWM signal. (2Hz – 50Hz )
    • Step/Dir – Can be controlled like a stepper motor
    • Up/Down – Can be controlled via separate up/down inputs
    • Synchronous Serial - Can be controlled by a serial Data, Clock interface
  • Enable input to control to enable or inhibit the control voltage output.
  • All signals are Active Low to reduce the possibility of inadvertent spindle control
  • Output Control Voltage Attenuator
  • Toggle switch to select Manual or Computer control
  • PCB mounted 10K potentiometer for manual speed control.
  • Zero Speed Mini Relay that can be used for spindle brake activation.
  • Direction Mini Relay that is energised by the state of the input direction signal.
  • Multi color LED indicating the mode and state of the DigiSpeed-XL controller.
  • SMT LEDs indicating when Zero Speed or Direction Mini Relays are energised.
  • SMT LED indicating the amplitude of the control voltage being generated.
  • Uses standard Mini Din connector and cables to interface to the Controller.
  • Connector for attaching a Spindle speed senor. It provides a 5V supply and input for the index signal to be feed to the breakout board via the Mini Din cable. This feature tidies up the cable run cable.Also includes a 4.7 K pull-up resistor.
  • Spindle sensor conditioning circuitry to allow “raw” sensors to be connected to the DigiSpeed-XL
  • Optional 5V – 15V isolated DC-DC converter.

The DC/DC converter allows you to get a full 10Vdc control voltage output. If you use the 10V supply from a VFD type motor controller, the output from the Digispeed will only be around 9.5V. This is due to the voltage overhead required by the circuitry.

DigiSpeed XL DC-02 User Manual

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  • Model: DC-02
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DC-02 DigiSpeed XL

DC-02 DigiSpeed XL

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