DC-03 DigiSpeed GX V3

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The new DigiSpeed-DC-03 V3 generates an isolated interface for control of CNC equipment that requires an analog control voltage input;

The board can generate the isolated analog voltage from the following sources.

  1. 0-5V Analog voltage signal as supplied by the Gecko G-Rex G100
  2. Pulse With Modulation (PWM) signal as supplied by Mach2/3.
  3. On-board Multi-turn Trimpot for output voltage scaling.

The DigiSpeed-DC-03 requires a regulated 5Vdc supply for operation. It is a perfect fit for your Gecko G100, Smoothstepper or parallel port CNC controller.

*** WARNING ***
The KB Electronics style DC speed controller circuit, other similar speed controllers as found in Asian imported mini lathes and mini mills and some VFDs are at mains voltage potential. This voltage is lethal. Do not attempt to to connect the DigiSpeed if you are not qualified to do so. Confidence is no replacement for qualification! If you feel that this project is beyond your abilities to SAFELY complete, We can install the unit for you. Please contact us for details .

It is suitable for use with VFDs such as the Automation Direct GS2 series, as well as other controllers requiring a 0-10Vdc, 0-5Vdc or any voltage up to a 15Vdc control voltage. The DigiSpeed-DC-03 provides the following features:
  • Linear DC voltage output (0 -100% of isolated voltage source).
  • Max voltage output of 15Vdc
  • Multi-turn trim pot for scaling output voltage
  • LED Indicator for input signal activity.
  • Mode selection via pluggable jumpers. (Included)
  • 4mm Mounting Holes
  • Optional onboard 5V to 15V DC isolated voltage generator.
  • 2  x Signal switching relays with led indicators.
  • 3.5mm pluggable connectors for easy maintenance.
  • 4 x 10mm plastic mounting standoffs for easy installation (Included).

The DC/DC converter allows you to get a full 10Vdc control voltage output. If you use the 10V supply from a VFD type motor controller, the output from the Digispeed will only be around 9.5V. This is due to the voltage overhead required by the circuitry.

EN006   DigiSpeed Selection Chart

DigiSpeed-GX-V3 User Manual

DigiSpeed-GX-2 User Manual

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  • Model: DC-03
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DC-03 DigiSpeed GX V3

DC-03 DigiSpeed GX V3

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