1/2" Diamond Drag Engraving Tool

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The diamond drag engraving tool utilises a spring loaded design to account for deviations in material. By using a diamond tipped tool, there is no need for spindle rotation. Instead the tool is dragged across the surface and the diamond tip scores the surface. By using this method you can engrave very intricate designs in just about any material with great precision.

It's a great tool for serial numbers, logo's, etchings in glass or anything of similar interest.

Although diamonds are one of the hardest materials, if used on a really course/rough surface the diamond could become damaged. Please take caution.

Diamond gravers are available with tip angles between 90° and 150°. The material being engraved determines the angle of cutter to use. The softer the material, the wider the angle needed. If the angle is too sharp, the tool may dig in too deeply and cause a rough cut instead of the desired brilliant finish. Also, pressure must be adjusted to suit the particular material being engraved, so as not to damage the cutting tool or the material. Here are a few guidelines:

  • 90° angle - used for engraving on pens; produces a very fine line.
  • 120° angle - an all-purpose tip used for general engraving on brass and aluminum for trophies and plaques.
  • 150° angle - for softer materials such as gold, pewter, and silver; produces a wider stroke. The tool will ride on the surface as opposed to deeply cutting into the soft material.

Like any cutting tool, a diamond graver will wear over time and begin to produce a less appealing cut. It can be re-lapped (re-sharpened) to its original shape just as you would re-sharpen any other cutter that has become dull from use.

How long it will last depends on a wide range of factors including use, materials, operator knowledge, etc. This is complicated by the gradual, normal wear of the tool, which is too slow to notice.


Remaining specs as follows:
- 1/2" Shank
- 1/2" of tool travel
- 120deg standard point

  • Model: BP-03
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1kgs

1/2" Diamond Drag Engraving Tool

1/2" Diamond Drag Engraving Tool

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