MP-02 MPG Pendant

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Description - The MP-02 Handheld Pendant provides a convienent and simple solution to CNC remote control. It is designed to make the man-machine interface safer, easier and is compatible with the popular Mach3 CNC control software or any Modbus controller interface. The MP-02 Pendant incorporates the following features;

  • 100ppr Manual Pulse Generator (MPG)
  • 4 position Axis selector Switch
  • 3 position step scale selector.
  • Enable Push Button
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • LED Status Indicator

The MP-02 Pendant may be interfaced via a 2nd Parallel port or via the ModIO or other Modbus device. 

MACH3 Pendant Features

Jogging -When used in conjunction with Mach3, the pendant provides Multi-Step jogging. The multi-Step jogging provides accurate distance movement of the selected axis and has 3 selectable jog increments. The pendant caters for 4 axes, selectable via a rotary switch.

Enable Button - The enable button is required to be pressed in order for the pendant controls to operate. This safety feature avoids inadvertently activating the pendant.

Axis Selector Switch - The switch caters for 4 axes and also includes an Off position to allow for other forms of jogging.

Jog Increment Switch - This switch selects the increment size.

Emergency Stop Switch - The pendant includes an Emergency stop switch .

Pendant Specification:

Note: The pendant has a DB25 Male connector on the lead.  The connector can NOT be plugged directly into a parallel or serial port and must by wired into a breakout board or ModIO.

The Pendant connector pin assignments are as shown below.


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  • Model: MP-02
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MP-02 MPG Pendant

MP-02 MPG Pendant

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