MiniWiiceiver Plus Wirless Nunchuck

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The MiniWiiceiver is an Arduino based experimental board  that interfaces to a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck wireless receiver.

Included in this item is a Black Nyko Karma Wireless Nunchuck

Some of the features I've included in the MiniWiiceiver  are;
  • Dual PWM outputs for controlling two ESCs
  • 5V power from ESC connectors
  • Headers supplied for I/O and serial port pins
  • On-board LC power line filter
  • I2C outputs for extended I/O devices
  • SPI Outputs for external I/O devices
  • Analog inputs
  • Digital outputs
  • All pads silk-screened for convenience
  • Integrated Wii Receiver connector
  • Mounting Holes
  • 1.5"x1.0" in size
The reason for the price reduction is that there is one minor cosmetic issue with the  boards. The silkscreen for the serial port pads is reversed end for end. That is, the DTR label is against pin one rather than pin 6.

The board has been designed around the open source software by Austin David

It comes preloaded with the software and has been tested to work with a corded Nintendo nunchuck, a Memorex wireless nunchuck, and a Nyko Kama wireless nunchuck

The operation is very straight forward.
  • Plug in the Wii nunchuck receiver
  • Apply power to the board
  • Press the on putton on the Nunchuk to sync it to the board

The source code is open source so you can change the software to suit your needs. It is available here

The schematic for the board is here

The board is based on a Arduino Mini Pro and you will need the Arduino development environment to change the source code, compile it and download the program through the serial port. The development environment is available here.

The board comes with headers as per the image. you will need to solder the header for the serial port if you want to reprogram the board. You will also need to get a serial cable as well.

It comes pre programmed with the software ready to use. If your not planning to change anything you can use it as is.

  • Model: MW-02
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25kgs

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MiniWiiceiver Plus Wirless Nunchuck

MiniWiiceiver Plus Wirless Nunchuck

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